“One day or Day one?”

I found yoga and meditation in 2007 and have become an avid practitioner of both. I began leading these practices in 2008 at The River Source in Mesa, AZ, which fostered my appreciation for these practices and gave me the initial opportunity to teach and share them within the community. In 2016, I entered a 200YTT with John Salisbury at Modern Yoga in Scottsdale, AZ and have been teaching full-time around the Valley since.

I am passionate about helping others build self-awareness through their own practice of conscious breath and intentional movement in order to better connect to the peace within. It has been my personal experience and practice that has helped me better understand, appreciate and implement the principles of the 8 limbs of yoga in my own life and experience extraordinary change. My daily practice continues to reinforce my belief in the healing powers of yoga and meditation, and fuels my desire to help others find the same healing through their own practice.

I believe that peace is an inside job. We don’t find it by adding anything to our lives, but by freeing ourselves of the things that are blocking us from the peace that is already there.

If you want to cultivate some peace in your life, roll out your mat and practice with me.

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The science behind sleep

In our society today about 33% of people report feeling extreme stress, 77% of people experience stress that affects their health, 73% of people experience stress that affects their mental health and 48% of people have trouble sleeping because of stress. And, the CDC asserts that 80% of our medical expenditures are stress related. Stress is fast becoming the #1 problem our society collectively faces. The reason being, is CHRONIC stress, stress that is continual and cumulative. Chronic stress creates an overproduction of cortisol which can lead to an enlarged amygdala, our fear center or anxiety engine, and keep us stuck in “activation.” This is a big problem, because our nervous systems are only designed to stay activated between 60-90 seconds before they need to complete a deactivation cycle in order to regulate and stay regulated overtime. When this process is interrupted, it burns out our allostatic load, or capacity, to hold and process stress in a healthy way. This leads to distress of the mind and dis-ease of the body and can ultimately land us in a functional freeze or chronic, hyper vigilant patterns.

And that’s where Yoga Nidra comes in…

Nidra, often referred to as the science behind sleep, is a sleep based meditation technique designed to keep you in a wake state. This allows for the benefit of meditation and relaxation to work in tandem, dropping you into your parasympathetic nervous system and delta brainwave state and allowing for the opportunity to change your relationship with stressful thoughts patterns and processes. Nidra helps you to release stress from the body so the nervous system can begin to self-regulate and it does this by pulling cortisol out of the MindBody while increasing the production of serotonin and oxytocin. Over time, this shrinks the amygdala and grows the hippocampus (serotonin is hippocampus food) helping to bring the pre-frontal cortex, aka the executive decision maker or “regulator” back on line, helping to increase balance between reaction and response.

The promise of a consistent Nidra practice is more effortlessly riding the waves of an overwhelmingly stressful situation, by moving through cycles of activation and deactivation, all while staying in your center of gravity and maintaining clarity in your decision making, fostering peace of mind. Ultimately, anxiety and worry become a room that you visit instead of the house that you live in. The house itself is transformed into peaceful home full of many rooms to hold your differing life experiences. And spiritually speaking, Nidra is where its at because it helps you tune out the noise and activity so you can drop back into the silence and stillness of your inner Divine Universe… bringing you back home to your Oneness with all things.

In January, 2020 I entered into, and completed, my Yoga Nidra training with the Amrit Yoga Institue through SWIHA. I’m certified in the “I AM” Yoga Nidra technique which uses a variety of breath and energy techniques to help not only reduce stress but change our relationship to it. Through the I AM technique the Mindbody is given an opportunity to experience and process stress, grief, anxiety, addiction and many more very real struggles we face today. I AM excited to share this healing modality with you.

If you want to cultivate some peace in your life, roll out your mat and practice with me.

Nidra Sessions

Due to COVID-19 everything is currently being offered virtually.

If you are interested in the Zoom links please email me.

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Meet Sharmyn

I did not go looking for coaching, coaching was a calling that found me.

I worked in a treatment setting for 8 years running groups and coaching clients one on one. In 2016, I gathered my courage, ventured into private practice and have never looked back. When I reflect on the past, coaching, like many things in my life, is not something I would have chosen for myself. To be honest, I did not even know that “life coaching” was a profession I could choose. But it chose me. And it has been, and continues to be, one of the greatest gifts this life has given me.

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Life Coaching

I believe that everyone can benefit from the healing power of transformational coaching.

I believe that everyone can benefit from the healing power of transformational coaching. I blend mindfulness practices to help build self-awareness, allowing each individual the opportunity to cultivate the emotional tolerance and intelligence needed to begin aligning themselves with their true values, ideal self and purpose in this life. I believe that each individual already has the answers they are looking for and I’m here to help you find them.
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