It’s never too late to write your own story…

Collaborate & Create

Sharing your struggle with someone else can open you up to new creative, spiritual solutions.

Lean In

Sometimes we just need a gentle nudge to feel what we feel so we can create what we want.

Time to Align

In my experience there is a lot to learn from the inner critic by taking the observers chair.

stop waiting to become who you already are

You have everything you need. Nothing is missing. Let’s find the answers you already have.

Meet Sharmyn

I did not go looking for coaching, coaching was a calling that found me.

I worked in a treatment setting for 8 years running groups and coaching clients one on one. In 2016, I gathered my courage, ventured into private practice and have never looked back. When I reflect on the past, coaching, like many things in my life, is not something I would have chosen for myself. To be honest, I did not even know that “life coaching” was a profession I could choose. But it chose me. And it has been, and continues to be, one of the greatest gifts this life has given me.

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Life Coaching

I believe that everyone can benefit from the healing power of transformational coaching.

I blend mindfulness practices to help build self-awareness, allowing each individual the opportunity to cultivate the emotional tolerance and intelligence needed to begin aligning themselves with their true values, ideal self and purpose in this life. I believe that each individual already has the answers they are looking for and I’m here to help you find them.

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“One day or Day one?”

I believe that peace is an inside job. We don’t find it by adding anything to our lives, but by freeing ourselves of the things that are blocking us from the peace that is already there. If you want to cultivate some peace in your life, roll out your mat and practice with me.

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What people say about Sharmyn

"Sharmyn is incredibly insightful. She leads me through what I’m feeling in a way that helps me learn how to cope better in the future. She asks just the right questions and it helps me gain insight so I can find tools to help me manage my anxiety better. Through her patience, she’s helped me accept and understand I don’t have to feel guilty about how I’m feeling. It’s so helpful to be reminded that I’ve created patterns of thinking over my entire life; changing those patterns will take time. Give yourself space to work thru changes you want to make in your life. Sharmyn has helped me to understand that I cannot control how other people feel; that it’s okay for me to take care of myself and set boundaries with others. If I try to act with integrity and caring then I can let the outcome be what it is."


"I reached out to Sharmyn at a time in my life when I felt unfulfilled, unhappy and unsure. I have been meeting with her almost weekly for about 3 months and I truly feel I’m evolving into the woman I’ve always wanted to be. Sharmyn has helped me confront issues ranging from financial insecurities and building a budget to tackling feelings of criticism and judgment of the people around me to discovering my personal values and how to manifest opportunities to live those values. She is teaching me how to take action from the heart, providing me tools to forgive myself and heal my life’s scars. I am learning how to listen to my feelings instead of suppressing them.

Sharmyn’s approach has been gentle and honest. She is authentic and allows me to be authentic. She doesn’t give unsolicited advice; she encourages me to find the answers with her guidance. I’m forever grateful for Sharmyn for opening my heart and giving me space to feel all the feelings without judgment and with the reassurance that it’s all ok."


“Sharmyn is incredibly compassionate and insightful. She leads you thru what you’re feeling in a way that helps you learn how to cope better in the future. She’s helped me develop so many tools to help me manage my anxiety better and to not feel guilty about how I’m feeling. She’s is so patient. It’s so helpful to be reminded that you’ve created patterns of thinking over your entire life; changing those patterns will take time and to give yourself space to work thru changes you want to make in your life.

Sharmyn has helped me to understand that I cannot control how other people feel; that it’s okay for me to take care of myself and set boundaries with others. If I try to act with integrity and caring then I can let the outcome be what it is.”


“I decided to work with Sharmyn and begin life coaching after years of therapy, the therapy really helped me come to know myself and dig through my past which was well needed at the time. Beginning life coaching I was ready to dive into the present and apply the things discovered in each session. Sharmyn provides a solution focused, goal oriented and caring approach that has impacted my relationship, my career and overall daily life. I have been working with Sharmyn for nearly a year now and I have witnessed a strong perception change to how I respond to life. I am beyond grateful for the work we get to do in our sessions.”


“Sharmyn was instrumental in laying the foundation for trauma work with my therapist. She was able to help me develop the confidence and guidance to finally explore what’s been holding me back. Her kindness gave me a safe space to be vulnerable and open, leading me to share long-held secrets and to begin letting go of shame. Conversations with Sharmyn are filled with frank, probing and revealing questions and dialogue that has helped me find a better, stronger and safer version of myself.”


“I came to Sharmyn right after my 25th birthday and knew I needed a coach who would be compassionately honest with me, but open minded and non-judgmental. Sharmyn is all those things and more. We worked through issues such as defensiveness, thoughts vs. feelings, codependency and attachment, boundaries, strength, purpose, and authenticity by getting to the root of some of my mental blocks and defining my values. The growth I have experienced in working with Sharmyn has made me a more peaceful, happy, and loving person and has truly given me the strength and confidence in myself to take control of my life/my choices. Thank you Sharmyn for being flexible, for pushing me to FEEL, and for being so supportive during my journey. I greatly appreciate you.

If you’re thinking about working with a coach Sharmyn is the BEST! We met weekly or bi-weekly for about 3 months, then every 2-3 weeks beyond that. I actually get very excited about our meetings, and the night before I enjoy revisiting the things we have been working on and what new things I wanted to bring into our session. These regular meetings really kept me on track and I can’t stress how important that was to the process, consistency is key for me!”


“Frequent attendance at my weekly foundations class is critical to my well-being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. After a week of work, I am ready to be led through a thoughtful, fulfilling yoga experience. Sharmyn's wisdom and experience help me weave the powerful integration of mind, body and spirit into closer/true alignment. Each class I attend of hers is a form of internal study and body work--yogic poetry!

She begins class by drawing attention inward with an intention setting, reflection or just centering bringing the class to their mat for an incredible/magical experience that is absolutely perfect each time.

Throughout class, she shares yogic wisdom as she awakens the body through a series of asana's that offer physical benefits. She encourages careful, proper alignment and smooth transitions. Her astute observations keep her in-tune with the class needs. Sharmyn may have a series of asana's planned at the start of class but has a strong sense of student need that helps her modify and adjust practice.

I have found her classes both subtle in the neutral asana's and rigorous in the active ones. She directs my awareness so that I have a stronger connection with my body and the movement of energy through it. She encourages us to be curious and explore postures. Her genuine commitment to helping me develop my practice is enlightening.”

Susan EngdallYoga attendee

“Sharmyn helped me fall in love with yoga again! Her approach to teaching is inclusive and allows for individual expression at any level. Her inner light shines through and she exudes such kindness and positivity that I look forward to her classes. Sharmyn truly is an incredible teacher and I feel lucky to practice yoga with her!”

Nicole BuratovichYoga attendee

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