Somatic Experiencing

Somatic experiencing, a healing modality created by Dr. Peter Levine, is a gentle body oriented approach to healing trauma and renegotiating our bodies relationship to stress. Not everyone experiences trauma, but we have all experienced stress. And in the last 20 years, the stress we experience has become continual and cumulative. Effects of this include anxiety, depression, interrupted sleep, and digestive issues, to name a few. Somatic Experiencing helps us tap into our body’s wisdom to access the energy of any
self-protective responses that may have been inhibited during a traumatic and/or extremely stressful event. This type of healing at the nervous system level allows for a wider window of tolerance and a greater capacity to hold and respond appropriately to all of life’s events.

Somatic Touch Therapy

Unlike Somatic Experiencing, which uses verbal interventions to engage the nervous system, Somatic Touch Therapy bypasses the “executive brain” and uses safe touch to engage your internal systems. Many of us did not experience safe touch and a sense of nurturing as children, and as a result, the natural development of our internal systems may have been inhibited. Somatic Touch Therapy is a tool designed to help complete stuck threat responses at the deepest level of our human biological systems. Some of the benefits of this healing process are a sense of inner peace, congruence between our internal systems, a sense of control in our own life, more regulated and nurturing sleep, and a new reservoir of vitality. All of this allows for a sense of wellness, flow, coherence in our inner and outer worlds, and the capacity to better negotiate life’s stressors.

Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience (DARe)

Our attachment system informs the decisions we make in our relationships, whom we pick, and how we show up. A healthy attachment system is developed at a young age through gentle and reassuring touch, attentive eye contact, a warm, affectionate tone of voice, and a safe space where we feel seen, soothed, valued, and supported. When we have relationships rooted in co-regulation, we are primed for connection. However, if we have relationships that are awash with mis-attunement, we are primed for protection. In our adult life, this can create chaos, conflict, and unmanageability in our relationships. DARe is a tool that allows us to revisit these deeply wounding experiences to reimagine them through a lens of empowerment, healing our wounds, and creating lasting change. Through this experience, we learn to value ourselves, communicate our needs, set healthy boundaries, and become self-sustaining through our own contributions. Then, we can move from surviving to thriving in all of our relationships.

Meet Sharmyn

Your Guide to Unlocking Inner Wisdom and Living a Life of Deep Fulfillment and Meaningful Connection.

Sharmyn is not your average life coach. With a passion for transformation and a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, she is committed to helping you tap into your innate wisdom so you can heal deep wounds and create the fulfilling relationships and life you’ve always dreamed of. With over a decade of experience serving her community, Sharmyn has honed her skills as a Transformational Life Coach and SEP (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner). Her journey began in a dual diagnosis treatment center, where she specialized in helping clients overcome substance abuse disorders and co-dependency. During this time, she discovered the common thread between the two was unresolved trauma and deep emotional wounding. She became determined to find sustainable healing solutions for her clients.

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Life Coaching

“Grace means that all of your mistakes now serve a purpose instead of serving shame.” -Brene Brown

Sharmyn believes that shame is the root of suffering and that when met with self-compassion, we experience the grace that allows us to see ourselves clearly. She blends mindfulness practices, and powerful questions, to help her clients develop insight and unlock their innate wisdom. Her goal is to help her clients develop self-compassion and hold the space for them to cultivate the emotional intelligence and tolerance needed to deeply feel and heal. Helping her clients become the person they want to be, while finding fulfillment, a deeper sense of purpose, and more joy in their life is a gift she treasures. She believes everyone already has the answers they are looking for, and she is here to help you find them…

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