Life Coaching

I believe that everyone can benefit from the healing power of transformational coaching.

I blend mindfulness practices to help build self-awareness, allowing each individual the opportunity to cultivate the emotional tolerance and intelligence needed to begin aligning themselves with their true values, ideal self and purpose in this life. I believe that each individual already has the answers they are looking for and I’m here to help you find them…

Collaborate and Create

If you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed and can’t seem to gain traction and move forward in your life, then consider sitting down with a coach. Sharing our struggle with someone can open us up to new creative, spiritual solutions. It can take the power out of the ‘story’ and create enough space to dive in. Diving deep allows us to calm the chaos, and begin to create harmony between our thoughts and actions. Helping us develop the insight we need and connect to the confidence and courage we already have. Empowering us to create the life we want.

Lean In

Sometimes we just need a gentle nudge. Some encouragement. And even permission, to feel what we feel, so we can create what we want. Along the journey of our lives, many of us came to believe that feeling our feelings was an inconvenience; realistically, humanity’s collective experience shows that feelings provide information – useful information. Quite the opposite of an inconvenience. It’s only by exploring and expressing the emotional body, that we begin to discover the intelligence within our feelings. Developing this vital emotional intelligence and tolerance gives us the support and ability to cultivate the dreams we have and create the life we want.

Time to Align

In my experience, there is a lot to learn from the inner critic, by taking the observer’s chair. However, many of us have the tendency to avoid or bypass anything ‘dark’ or ‘negative’ within. But we are beginning to discoverer that in order to become whole and complete within ourselves, we have to begin embracing the hard and ugly stuff. The longer we avoid the truth about ourselves, the longer we re-enforce the lie. That who we are and what we do is not good enough. The truth is YOU ARE ENOUGH, and you always have been. All of you, the dark and the light, the beautiful and the ugly. It’s all necessary, and it is all USEFUL. It is only by acknowledging and accepting all parts of ourselves, that we begin to discover the gifts within our shadow. Its then that we begin to align with our truer, higher selves – our whole being <3


“I have been working with Sharmyn for about 3 months now and I cannot sing her praises highly enough. I had never worked with a life coach and wasn’t really sure what the process would “look like”. I just knew I was stuck in the mud, spinning my wheels and feeling desperately trapped in my life. I could not seem to find the answers on my own. Through her coaching, Sharmyn has helped ME find my way back to ME. She is passionate, positive, confident, and informed. She exudes faith in her clients, in the processes she teaches, and in the goodness of humanity and life as a whole. Sharmyn is relatable and compassionate, clear and consistent. We meet weekly, and in that hour together, she helps me find my own path to personal growth, challenges me to dig deeper and encourages me to remain hopeful. Sharmyn has a gift in her gentle, yet strong ability to support people and help them reconnect to their authentic selves. I am forever grateful that she has chosen to answer her calling and work in this field and even more grateful that I was directed to her at a time I needed her talents most. Thank you Sharmyn!”

- Niki B.Happy Client

Individual 60 minute session $145 • Free 15 Minute Discovery Consult

Meet Sharmyn

I did not go looking for coaching, coaching was a calling that found me.

I worked in a treatment setting for 8 years running groups and coaching clients one on one. In 2016, I gathered my courage, ventured into private practice and have never looked back. When I reflect on the past, coaching, like many things in my life, is not something I would have chosen for myself. To be honest, I did not even know that “life coaching” was a profession I could choose. But it chose me. And it has been, and continues to be, one of the greatest gifts this life has given me.
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“One day or Day one?”

I believe that peace is an inside job. We don’t find it by adding anything to our lives, but by freeing ourselves of the things that are blocking us from the peace that is already there. If you want to cultivate some peace in your life, roll out your mat and practice with me.

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