Is there a difference between life coaching and therapy?

The short answer is YES.

I believe the most significant difference is that therapy goes back in time to reveal patterns and events (trauma included) that may have led to maladaptive coping methods that no longer serve the individual: this may include eating disorders, addiction, depression, anxiety, sex addiction, shopping, etc. There’s a lot of work around childhood.

Coaching, as I see it, is a visioning towards the future.  Yes, this happened in your past but how do you want to show up now, and in the future! When it comes to your relationships, work and family life, are you showing up the way you want to? Or do you want/need to develop more self-compassion, vulnerability, insight and creativity? What needs to happen in order for you to take the next step toward honoring your values and finding your purpose – emotionally, spiritually, physically?

Is coaching legitimate?

Coaching has been around for decades, but has recently experienced an uptick of interest amongst potential coaches and clients. Coaching is practiced from the Executive Boardroom and the Federal Government to the Community Organization and the individual. There are several organizations that hold coaches accountable to practicing core competencies and ethics through credentialing, such as the International Coaching Federation, to ensure clients are receiving the coaching they signed up for and the privacy they are entitled to. I’ve been coaching since 2009, and have seen legitimate results for countless people who have been willing to lean into the transformational process. So, if you ask me, yes coaching is legitimate!

What is the benefit of life coaching?

What is the benefit of going to the doctor when you’re sick? Or eating when you’re hungry? You are meeting a need you have and effectively participating in the healing and growing process. If there is something holding you back. If you feel stuck and have blocks that need to be removed in order to feel more aligned with your values, then life coaching will benefit you. I have personally encountered and witnessed many people experience the benefits of coaching. If you want to experience a stronger sense of self through healthier boundaries, or more self-compassion and worth in order to help realize your dreams and discover new creative, spiritual solutions then coaching can benefit you.

What are your rates?

Coaching Sessions
60 minutes – $145
30 minutes – $80

Nidra Sessions
50 minutes – $80
30 minutes – $40

Due to COVID-19 everything is currently being offered virtually.  If you are interested in the Zoom links please email me.

Meet Sharmyn

I did not go looking for coaching, coaching was a calling that found me.

I worked in a treatment setting for 8 years running groups and coaching clients one on one. In 2016, I gathered my courage, ventured into private practice and have never looked back. When I reflect on the past, coaching, like many things in my life, is not something I would have chosen for myself. To be honest, I did not even know that “life coaching” was a profession I could choose. But it chose me. And it has been, and continues to be, one of the greatest gifts this life has given me.

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Life Coaching

I believe that everyone can benefit from the healing power of transformational coaching.

I believe that everyone can benefit from the healing power of transformational coaching. I blend mindfulness practices to help build self-awareness, allowing each individual the opportunity to cultivate the emotional tolerance and intelligence needed to begin aligning themselves with their true values, ideal self and purpose in this life. I believe that each individual already has the answers they are looking for and I’m here to help you find them.

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“One day or Day one?”

I believe that peace is an inside job. We don’t find it by adding anything to our lives, but by freeing ourselves of the things that are blocking us from the peace that is already there. If you want to cultivate some peace in your life, roll out your mat and practice with me.

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